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A dog shaking its head to clear water from its ears and coat.

Dr. Dan Hebert DVM

Why Water Isn’t Always the Cause of Your Dog’s Swimmer’s Ear

In veterinary medicine, not all conditions are as simple as the name might suggest. One of the best examples of this is ...

Dog having zoomies in a field.

Mary Beth Soverns DVM

Dog Zoomies: Freeing the Fun and Appreciating the Frenetic Frenzy

If you're a dog owner, you've likely witnessed the hilarious spectacle of your furry friend suddenly bursting into a wil...

Golden Retriever on beach playing with ball.

Dr. Rita Angelo VMD

Avoiding Water, Sand, and Algae Risks that Can Put a Damper on Your Dog’s Summer Fun

While swimming and running around at the shore can be great exercise for dogs and present some memorable bonding opportu...

Golden Retriever Puppy eating food.

Kathy Boehme DVM, CVCHM, CVFT

Understanding Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs for Different Life Stages

From the playful puppy to the silvered-snouted senior, every dog has different needs that we need to pay close attention...

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