Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at The Top Local Veterinary Clinic

You and your family have been saving up for a vacation to the beach for a year, and the time has finally come to start packing. The problem is, you have no idea what to do with your two dogs. You’ve called relatives and friends, and no one is available to dog-sit. The next option is to board your dog, which is leaving your dog in the care of others at a facility. So, you type “dog boarding near me” into Google. 

A couple of options appear; a dog hotel/pet resort or a local veterinary clinic that offers dog boarding. How do you decide which facility is best for your dog?

Many of us in the veterinary community decide to include kennel facilities in our practices for many reasons, including combining health care with boarding. This can prove to be a vital combination for your precious pet when seeking out a dog sitter. Contact a local veterinarian you trust to find out about the dog boarding facilities offered on-site.

What Happens at a Boarding Kennel or “Pet Resort”?

At a dog boarding facility, your pet will be in the care of what are essentially dog sitters. They may have luxury kennels with fluffy dog beds and a room or fenced in yard for all the dogs to play together. The employees that manage the dog hotel facility will have general dog care knowledge, but not medical knowledge and the ability to treat your dog if he or she were to become injured or sick.

What is Boarding Like at a Veterinary Clinic?

On the other hand, if you decide to board your dog at a veterinary clinic, you have staff there that can handle medical situations. 

Boarding your dog at a veterinary clinic means that the level of care your dog receives is top-notch. There are personnel in the facility that are medically trained. This is ideal for all dogs, especially older dogs or dogs that have medical needs, such as daily medications. They will be cared for by people who are comfortable with the level of care needed for dogs with illnesses. 

Also, if an illness or injury arises, your dog will be cared for right away. Staff members at a veterinary clinic are trained in recognizing stress in dogs; this means that if your dog becomes stressed, the people caring for them will do everything they can to make them more comfortable. This could be as simple as finding the right location, such as a quiet, low-traffic area, to prescribing medication to help relieve some stress. 

At a veterinary clinic, temperatures are properly maintained to ensure a comfortable environment. Staff are also trained to properly clean and disinfect kennels. A kennel is a place for your dog to feel safe and be able to eat meals without being disturbed by other dogs. It isn’t meant to be a hotel suite, but there is a yard where your dog will be able to play and socialize, which is the most important part of your dog’s boarding experience.

The kennel attendants take their time with every dog to ensure they are getting plenty of attention. Dogs will typically be taken outside for a walk three times a day. Your dog will be weighed every few days to ensure he or she is maintaining weight appropriately. If your dog requires medication at a certain time of day, employees are trained on how to give medications -  whether it’s a pill for pain relief or insulin for diabetes - at the time your dog needs it.

Veterinary clinics that offer boarding may offer anything from doggie daycare to monthly “vacations”. No matter how long the trip, your dog will be cared for by passionate people that can give top-quality medical and social care. By boarding your dog at a veterinary clinic, you can enjoy a worry-free vacation. 

Reach out to a veterinarian near you to find out what the local dog boarding options are, and how well your dog will do while you’re away.