How many times a day should I be feeding my dog? - Haines Road Animal Hospital

So if you have a small toy breed dog who's a puppy, I would recommend feeding more than two times a day - sometimes three to four times a day - to prevent low blood sugar. On average, feeding your dog two times a day is adequate.

How many times a day should I be feeding my dog? - Advanced Animal Care

It depends on the age of your dog and what they need. Most adult pet dogs can get away with feeding once or twice a day. I feed my own dogs twice a day, morning and evening because I think they would probably riot at my house if they didn't get dinner, but some dogs do perfectly fine getting fed once a day. When they're puppies, especially very young puppies, they benefit from more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day. So, the amount you should feed your dog varies, but your veterinarian can give you the best advice.

How many times a day should I be feeding my dog? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

There's no right or wrong answer. It depends on lifestyle, and it can be breed-specific. The average is twice daily, but there are dogs that are free fed. I recommend measuring the amount that you leave out. Free-feeding means that you leave food out for them while making sure that they have a finite amount. I recommend that puppies get fed more than twice a day. It gives them more energy in the day for their active lifestyles. Some of the toy puppies, in particular, need to be fed very often. They're more prone to low blood sugar, so more food more often will decrease those incidents. Stay with the recommended daily amount, but break them up into smaller portions throughout the day.