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Cat receiving physical exam and vaccines at veterinary clinic.

Jesse Saul DVM

Why Indoor Cats Need Vaccines and Preventative Care, Too!

As a cat owner, you might believe that keeping your feline friend indoors shields them from all dangers and health issue...

A cat eating a treat out of a veterinarian's hand during a wellness exam.

Sherri Williams DVM

Why Skipping Cat Wellness Visits Can Be Risky: A Veterinarian's Point of View

When it comes to our feline friends, the old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is accurate. For m...

A black cat with asthma being treated by a veterinarian.

Dr. Grant Jacobson DVM

Paws and Breathe: Recognizing and Treating Feline Asthma

Have you noticed your cat coughing, wheezing, or having trouble breathing? Just like humans, our feline friends can suff...

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