When should I get my kitten spayed or neutered?

When should I get my kitten spayed or neutered? - Prestige Animal Hospital

Generally we say between four to six months is a good time for a kitten - male or female - to get spayed or neutered. We tend to wait until six months in females, but males can be done as early as four months of age. One quick tip I want to give you guys as far as kitten care. The first thing we do is when we get the kittens and bring them home, we get a carrier. All cats should be brought to the veterinary clinic in a carrier because they can get scared and can jump and run away. What I recommend to people is don't put them in the carrier and bring them directly to the vet and then take them home, and that's the only time you use the carrier. Because they will hate going in the carrier and you will be fighting them the rest of their life to go in the carrier. So, what I recommend to people is when you get a kitten, put them in the carrier, give them food that they really want, leave the door open and let them go in and out, make it a happy place. Put them in, close it, walk around the house, walk outside and back in. Do that couple of times a week. That way when they're going in the carrier, they don't associate it with just going to the vet, getting shots and getting looked at, and your life as a pet owner will be much more pleasant...instead of having to come in with scratches on your arms for trying to squeeze them into that cat carrier.

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We generally recommend having kittens spayed and neutered by six months. We don't want them going into heat or starting to develop roaming behaviors. Six months is a great time to spay and neuter kittens if they haven't already had that done at the shelter.

When should I get my kitten spayed or neutered? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

We generally recommend that around five to six months old for our females. Most people want to spay them before they have their heat cycles because that can be somewhat annoying to go through. And then for our males, if they are indoors, they can tend to mark their territory or spray. And so that's a big thing that we want to help prevent that behavior with neutering.

When should I get my kitten spayed or neutered? - Modern Vet Care

That's a great question. I definitely recommend spaying and neutering for every kitten that comes in. It improves their longevity and prevents any diseases or complications in the future. I recommend spaying and neutering kittens when they're around five to six months old.

Contributed by Dr. Emily Ehmann from Modern Vet Care

When should I get my kitten spayed or neutered? - Blue Oasis Pet Hospital

It is generally recommended to spay or neuter kittens around six months of age. Male kittens are neutered, while female kittens are spayed. If you have specific questions or concerns, consult with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action for your kitten.

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It's best to spay or neuter your kitten around or before six months of age. For female kittens, spaying should be done before their first heat cycle, which typically occurs around six months. After the 16 to 20-week visit, you can schedule the procedure. Neutering male kittens should also be done around this time to prevent potential behavioral issues, such as urine spraying, from developing.