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We put DVMs back into the conversation

Your customer has fundamentally changed.

It isn't just "the millennials" - everyone finds and consumes information, and interacts with businesses, in a different way than they did even ten years ago. Today's veterinary client expects instant, 24/7 access to information about pet care, and they are finding it - unfortunately, they're often not getting it from you - their trusted DVM.

GeniusVets is dedicated to bringing DVMs back into the conversation through effective digital marketing platforms and services.

We're the highest-performing digital marketing company in the veterinary industry.We achieve these results because we have invested the time, talent and resources to develop programs based on the real needs and behavior of today's consumer.

Veterinary clients have changed. Engaging them requires a whole new approach to veterinary communications.

GeniusVets makes it happen.

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Dr. Michelle Drake

"Today's clients find you through your website, social media, Google searches and reviews - all from their mobile phone. This is how the world works now. If you want your practice to grow, you've got to give your online presence the attention it deserves."

Dr. Michele Drake, DVM - Owner, The Drake Center for Veterinary Care & Chief Veterinary Officer, GeniusVets

Dr. Michelle Drake

GeniusVets Delivers.

A recent study using third-party tools shows GeniusVets delivers more Google organic search traffic than the top ten competitors - combined.

We call it Evidence-Based Veterinary Marketing. As a quality DVM, you wouldn't use a treatment in your practice if you didn't have validated evidence that it would improve the health of pets. We believe you should demand the same of your marketing partner.

GeniusVets is the only marketing platform in the industry founded by a DVM and led by technologists with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results at the highest levels - for Fortune brands, household-name franchises, international non-profits, and local businesses as well.

Schedule a call with us and we're confident you'll recognize right away that GeniusVets is unlike any other team working in the industry today.

Graph data source: (Third Party). Contact GeniusVets for full study data.

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Who We Are

GeniusVets was founded by a DVM and VMG member with over 20 years of practice ownership; plus a team of world-class technologists and marketing experts.

Our data-driven strategies were developed over decades of working with some of the largest companies in the world.

Now we've made those proven strategies available to your independent veterinary practice to help you compete - and win.

The GeniusVets team are frequent speakers at industry events and for leading brands and industry associations, supporting our commitment to educating and empowering DVMs to succeed in the new world of digital communications.

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Dr. Michelle Drake

What We Do

GeniusVets delivers Education, Websites, and Digital Marketing.

We offer a wide range of packages and programs designed to help any practice improve its online performance. More details about our programs are linked below, but the easiest way to get started is to simply schedule a free consultation and let our team of veterinary marketing consultants find the perfect program for you.


Not Just Website Traffic - Great Marketing Also Improves Recruitment & Retention

GeniusVets delivers more than just website traffic and search visibility. Our clients also receive 229% more incoming phone calls from new clients after one year. And having a strong marketing program doesn't just mean more new clients - it means filling open positions faster with qualified applicants, and reducing staff turnover by increasing employee morale and participation. Great marketing truly improves every aspect of your practice.

"They track real stats and numbers that can demonstrate results and trends."

Dr. Patrick Choyce, Hospital Owner Medical Director, All Pets Animal Hospital and 24 Hour Emergency Care

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