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Pet care starts online...

An effective website and social network presence is vital to the survival of independent veterinary practices.

Does your website and social media represent your practice accurately?

Your website should authentically represent your mission, values, culture, and veterinary expertise, and your social presence should be fun, informative, and engaging. Because these are the lenses through which the world gets their first impression of your veterinary practice.

The value proposition for a veterinary practice is to provide pet care information and services to pet owners. Twenty years ago, if a pet owner had a question about pet care, they picked up the phone, called their local veterinarian and asked. Today, they turn to Google.

Google has gotten in between you and your clients. At GeniusVets we can put you back into the conversation. In fact we’re the best in the veterinary industry at accomplishing this and we can prove it.

In a recent study, GeniusVets clients were found to receive more website traffic per month from Google organic search results than the clients of our top 10 competitors combined!

Your website is now the face of your practice. Every future client and every future staff member will visit your website before ever picking up the phone to call. They will check out your social profiles, and they will use what they see there to compare you to your local competitors. Let our expert veterinary marketing consultants help you implement a more effective web presence.

"I just wanted to let you know that this month even though I have a doctor on medical leave, we are still up 37% year-over-year. The only thing different is GeniusVets, that’s all I can tell you."

Dr. John Ensign, Owner of Boca Park Animal Hospital

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