Call Tracking

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The most popular way pet owners make first contact and schedule appointments with a veterinarian is via phone. That is why call tracking is one of the most important points of business intelligence that a veterinary practice can have.

Poor service through phone calls could be hurting your business.

It may shock you that due to a poorly trained reception staff, a veterinary practice gets 1 appointment scheduled for every 10 calls! However, after just a few months using our call tracking and training program, most clients are able to schedule 1 appointment for every 1-2 calls they receive from local pet owners. Imagine the impact on your bottom line!

Also, because most new clients make the first contact with your practice via phone call, call tracking is one of the most important metrics for understanding how well your marketing is working for you, and determining your marketing cost per acquisition, (how much you are spending in marketing for each new client you are getting).

"There are numerous important goals in veterinary marketing, but generating more client calls and appointments is at the top of the list. Monitoring calls and webform submissions allows practice owners and managers to clearly see the results and track performance improvements over time. It’s everyone’s favorite part of what we do!"

David Hall, Co-Founder of GeniusVets

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