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Content is King! But busy Doctors rarely have time to write...

The information found throughout your veterinary website is the most important factor in your ability to attract and retain clients today.

More content results in more traffic for your website!

Twenty years ago, if a pet owner had a pet health question, they would pick up the phone and call a local vet. This gave the veterinary practice a chance to get an appointment scheduled. Today, over 90% of pet owners go online first to seek pet care advice. Google knows that pet owners would prefer to get their advice from a local veterinary expert, and Google has fine tuned their algorithms to give preference to local veterinary practices. However, in order for your website to show up in search results, it must contain the information that people are looking for. This means that your website needs to address every pet care topic, every service, question, and recommendation that pet owners are looking for. If you do, you’ll get all of the traffic and phone calls you can handle. If you don’t, you’ll simply see fewer new clients as time goes on.

While content on your website has become incredibly important, most busy Doctors simply don’t have the time or inclination to sit down and write. That is why GeniusVets has created the most extensive libraries of veterinary service information pages and pet care blogs in existence. Why struggle with the challenges of identifying topics, writing and optimizing them from scratch? When you can utilize the in-depth, high-quality, veterinarian-approved information we have already created on your website. Professionally written and extremely easy to modify and customize to perfectly fit your own personal views and recommendations on veterinary topics, the GeniusVets content libraries will turbocharge your veterinary website and exponentially increase the performance of your online marketing.

"Finding time to consistently write engaging, effective educational information for our clients can be challenging. The content libraries that GeniusVets has made available helps us provide our clients with the consistent and relevant information they are looking for online. We have been able to choose articles on current key veterinary topics, edit these as we see fit and provide our clients with the information they need to provide optimal care for their pets."

Dr. Matt Demey, Owner, Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital

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