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Clients are turning to “Doctor Google” first. We ensure the Doctor that Google finds ... is you!

GeniusVets clients get more Google organic search traffic than the clients of our next 10 competitors combined!

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The value proposition of a veterinary practice is to deliver pet care information and services to pet owners. Twenty years ago, if a pet owner had a question about pet health care, they would pick up the phone and call their local vet. Today, they go to Google first. This means that Google has gotten in between you and your clients and has taken the place of being the go-to information resource for pet owners.

GeniusVets consistently delivers the best search engine optimization program available to the veterinary industry, with our average “Alpha-Dog” clients performing at better than 10x the national average for veterinary practices. Let our world-class team of experts guide your practice to the top of Google search results and put you back where you belong as the go-to information resource for local pet owners.

"A recent study demonstrated that the top 10 GeniusVets clients are receiving more web traffic from Google organic search results, than the top 10 clients from our top 10 compeitors, combined! That’s our 10 vs their 100. No one in the veterinary industry comes close to the results GeniusVets is delivering for SEO."

David Hall, Co-Founder of GeniusVets

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Put your veterinary practice back into the position as the go-to pet health expert when local pet owners turn to Google.

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