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You are already here… but is the information correct?

GeniusVets Online Business Profile Optimization helps you take control of your online reputation.

Do you know how your business is performing?

One of the most consistent differences between businesses that are highly successful and those that struggle is familiarity with important business metrics. Business owners who really know their numbers tend to experience less stress and far more success than those who don’t. As the saying goes “what gets measured, gets managed”.

The truth is, most of the metrics that determine the success of your business are fairly easy to understand and interpret… if you have easy access to great reports.

At GeniusVets, we have developed visual analytics reports that give veterinary practice owners and managers easy access to the best veterinary practice management dashboards in the industry.

"We have been very pleased with GeniusVets and have learned a lot about digital marketing. Phone calls to our practice have increased 116% year-over-year and I think the GeniusVets marketing program has been instrumental in that improvement. They keep us thinking about ways to improve our visibility in our area. I would highly recommend GeniusVets!"

Dr. Claudia R. Sims, Co-Owner of North Elm Animal Hospital

GeniusVets Makes It Easy

Claiming your online business profiles is one of the first things every veterinary practice should do. Do it the easy way with the help of the veterinary marketing experts at GeniusVets!

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You're probably already listed - but are your listings correct?

Whether you know it or not, right now your veterinary practice is already listed in dozens (and possibly hundreds) of online business listing directories. You may recognize some of the bigger names such as Yelp, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Whitepages, MapQuest, BBB, YellowPages,, Foursquare, Superpages and others… but have you heard of MerchantCircle,, HotFrog, Manta, or Citysearch? There are dozens of other, lesser known, but still powerful online business directories that are currently listing information about your business.

Most veterinarians don’t realize that their business has automatically been listed by so many of these companies… and many of these companies may actually be listing incorrect information. If any of this information is listed incorrectly, that can cause Google to lose confidence in your business and the result is that your business simply gets harder to find in Google search results. And, Google search results are responsible for more than 70% of visits to all veterinary websites in America. However, if these online business directory profiles are set up correctly, they can actually provide your website a significant lift in visibility for all kinds of search results. This is simply an issue that your business cannot afford to ignore.

The good news is that GeniusVets can help! Our business profile optimization service is just one of the reasons why our clients' online marketing programs are performing at better than 10x the national average. We make it easy, and incredibly affordable, to take control of your online profiles and give your business the boost it needs.

Key Facts About Directory Optimization

  • There are hundreds of viable online business directories and your business is likely listed in dozens of them already
  • While you may never have seen some of these listings, Google knows about all of them, and they are already affecting the performance of your business in Google search results
  • While claiming and optimizing these listings can provide very worthwhile benefits to your business, the time and effort and expertise in knowing exactly how to do so is quite significant
  • This is a set of tasks that can easily take 40+ hours of work to complete initially, and once they are set up correctly and in your control, it is important to monitor them on an ongoing basis

At GeniusVets we have developed systems and a team of trained professionals who are able to quickly and effectively claim and optimize all of the important online business directory listings on your behalf and give you the usernames and passwords so that you are able to retain control over these resources, as it should be.

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Benefits for your practice

  • Establish a consistent and high quality online presence
  • Grow the network of websites linking to your site
  • Take control over properties that should rightfully belong to your business
  • Improve your visibility in Google search results
  • Low cost and high quality work done on your behalf by true experts
  • With a well orchestrated network of high quality business profiles, your online presence will have a powerful foundation to grow upon, making it more likely that future clients will find and connect with your business, instead of going to your competitors

Industry-Leading Performance

At GeniusVets our clients websites perform more than 10x better than the industry average for:

  • Page 1 Google Search Results
  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Incoming Phone Calls

"Since starting to work with GeniusVets, organic traffic on our website is up 100%, unique traffic is up 114%, and our total website visits are up 92%"

Dr. Stephanie Beardsley, DVM, DACVS, CEO of Central Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital -

Take Your Next Step

Take a big step toward improving the online presence for your veterinary practice right now and receive a significant discount.

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Today, when a local pet owner has a question, they turn to Google.

  • Local Business Directory Profiles for your business account for 35% of the factors that Google’s Local Ranking Algorithm uses when determining how high your business shows up in Google search results.
  • The reviews that people leave about your business on these business profiles account for over 15% of Google’s algorithmic ranking factors. 

If your business has a strong presence across the top business listing directories, and your basic business information is both consistent and accurate, this can give you a strong boost in Google search results and make your business far easier to find when local pet owners are looking for pet care information and services. 

Unfortunately, this is one area that can very negatively affect your business and your ability to attract new clients if you don’t get it right.

At GeniusVets, we have particularly strong expertise in Search Engine Optimization, which is why our clients on average are performing more than 10x better the national average for veterinarians in both Google search rankings and Google organic search traffic.

  • While the average veterinary practice in the US ranks on page 1 of Google search results for just 28 keywords, GeniusVets clients on average rank on page 1 of Google search results for over 350 keywords
  • While the average veterinary website gets just 300 visits per month from Google, our clients typically get over 3,000 visits.
  • It is truly extraordinary the results that can be achieved when you get this right and what that can do for the success of a veterinary practice.

"GeniusVets has so much to offer from call tracking, analytics, staff training and support. It has allowed us to focus on more productive ways to grow our practice. Answering our reviews was very time consuming in the past, however GeniusVets platform has allowed us to see reviews from multiple sources and assists us with getting them answered much quicker. Even our website has been a breeze to maneuver. We look forward to utilizing GeniusVets platform, tools and support as we continue to grow our practice!"

Mandy Price, Practice Manager, Ingleside Animal Hospital,

Establish Your Online Foundation

GeniusVets Business Profile Optimization service is the best first step that a local veterinary practice can make toward establishing a foundation for successful online marketing. After you take this simple step, everything else you do on your website, in social networks, and throughout your marketing efforts will perform better, because you’ll get a boost within the algorithms that control your online visibility.

Optimize My Business Profiles Now!

Set yourself up to win in local search.

88% of consumers read online reviews before contacting a local service business, and those reviews are found through your various online business profiles. If you don’t have them set up properly you can’t win the game… because you’re not even playing.

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