Does my kitten need vaccinations even if I keep them inside? - Prestige Animal Hospital

This is a question we get often. And my answer to that is, as a kitten, if they're strictly indoors and they have zero contact from other cats outside, and when I mean zero contact, you don't leave the windows open with a screen, you don't have a screen door where they can go up and maybe another kitten can come out and sneeze and get some respiratory aerosols into their eyes or face, or hiss. They don't go outside to the backyard and back in—they're strictly indoors. Then what we do recommend is get them caught up on their kitten vaccinations, we get them their annual vaccinations, and then we can hold off. If they have any possibility of going outside, regular vaccinations at least annually should be required.

Does my kitten need vaccinations even if I keep them inside? - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Absolutely. First of all, rabies is required by law, so you have to have that one. Feline leukemia is important because once in a while a cat could get out, even though your intention was for them to be inside. And the feline distemper combination, that's upper respiratory, so that can be carried in actually on other clothes. You may have another cat, someone may bring a cat over, you may go over to someone else's house who has a cat who's sneezing. So even though you have an indoor cat, you definitely want to keep your cat up to date on vaccines. Plus sometimes they get groomed or you have to board them, and then they are around other cats that you weren't thinking about originally.

Does my kitten need vaccinations even if I keep them inside? - The Drake Center

Yes, we recommend core vaccines for your kitten because... I'll just tell you a personal story. My cats are indoor cats. My son left his door open, and a bat flew in, and my cat killed the bat. I think about 15% of bats in California carry rabies—maybe even higher than that. If my cat had not been vaccinated for rabies, we would have a potentially challenging situation on our hands. And cats get out all the time. We want them protected with the FVRCP and leukemia.

Does my kitten need vaccinations even if I keep them inside? - Advanced Animal Care

I recommend it, even if they're indoor only. If you ever bring another cat into your home in the future, or if they were to get outside, or your situation were to change down the road, we want to make sure that we set their immune system up right. I recommend that all kittens get those core vaccines.