What should I expect at my kitten’s first veterinary visit? - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

What I would expect is that you brought in their history and any previous medical records that you have, so we know where we're starting. You hopefully brought in a history of observations that you made with your kitten since you've had it. And you might have a list of questions that you want to bring in also, and obviously that you brought in a kitten! So that's what we're going to have. And then the veterinarian is going to do a full physical examination and ask you some follow-up questions as well.

What should I expect at my kitten’s first veterinary visit? - Prestige Animal Hospital

At your first visit you'll get introduced to the team. You'll get introduced to how we are going to go about caring for your pet in the different lifestyles and phases. We'll talk about a lot of information on behavior, and do a thorough physical exam. We make sure there are no congenital abnormalities that have gone undetected, or underlying parasites like fleas or ticks. And we’ll just have an overall discussion of your kitten's health and needs. Be prepared to discuss lifestyle as well. Are you thinking about having an indoor kitty or outdoor kitty? How many pets do you have in the house? So these are some things to expect to discuss and for us to go over at your veterinary visit.

What should I expect at my kitten’s first veterinary visit? - The Drake Center

We're going to probably ask some questions of you about the kitten’s vaccine history. Then we're going to do a thorough physical from their nose to their tail, and have a good look at the kitten to make sure that everything looks right there. We’ll discuss behavioral issues, preventative care, parasites, and we’ll do a fecal on your kitty and get the vaccines started.

What should I expect at my kitten’s first veterinary visit? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

When you come here to the Animal Hospital of Statesville, you will get lots of education. We talk about how to care for your kitten. We talk about the first set of vaccines and deworming that there they are going to get. They can carry or have intestinal parasites that can be contagious to you and me, so we educate on that. And your kitten's going to receive a complete physical exam, and we make sure you know how to take care of them at home. We’ll ensure you have a proper carrier and have them set up and ready to go in that.