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Can dogs get cavities? The short answer, yes. The long answer, very infrequently. Dog's teeth are shaped differently than ours. We have teeth that are set up for grinding and making the food very, very small. Dogs' teeth are much more pointed, and they're set to shear and cut the food into chunks, and therefore there's not the flat surface to get the cavity on much like it is for me or you. The other thing is that dogs don't tend to eat the sweets we do, drink the Colas we do, or those other silly things that we do that lead to cavities.

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They can, in a sense. It's not what you think about you or I getting a cavity, and we don't do fillings here. That's what many people get for their cavities at the dentist, but we have different ways to manage them.

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Dogs can get cavities. It's a rarer type of dental disease, but they can still get cavities just like humans can.