Amanda Shoemake DVM

Veterinarian and Owner

Originally from Memphis, TN, Dr. Amanda Shoemake began working in the Veterinary field at the age of 13. She knew right away that she would do this for the rest of her life. Once leaving veterinary school in Alabama, Dr. Shoemake then spent time living in Las Vegas and again Tennessee.

She has many years of experience in general practice, but also has experience in emergency medicine and surgery. Dr. Shoemake received her bachelor’s degree in 2004 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2008, both from Auburn University. Dr. Shoemake immensely enjoys the medicine and science of veterinary medicine, as well as interacting with pet parents and staff to better the lives of her patients. She has professional interests in dentistry, as well as preventative medicine.

Dr. Shoemake is a current member of VMG, which is a group that promotes better management within the veterinary practice. She attends in-person meetings 2-3 times a year, in which she soaks in all things business. In addition, she does medical and surgical training yearly as continuing education.

Personal Hobbies & Interests

Dr. Shoemake and her family live in western North Carolina, near Asheville. She loves to hike and explore the surrounding areas. She really enjoys spending time in Greenville and specifically enjoys the many tastes that the area has to offer. She has three dogs, Ralphie, a mischievous Cockapoo, Rhubarb, a rambunctious Goldendoodle, and Gertie, a rescued teacup Chihuahua. She also has the first cat of her entire life, Toast, whom was rescued from a local warehouse fire. Toast basically runs the whole household, as well as the hospital where she joins Dr. Shoemake occasionally. The lights of her life include her husband, Erik, and their three (two- legged) kids, Mason, Hannah and Owen.