Are there home remedies to prevent fleas and ticks? - The Drake Center

There are so many things being sold out there that are utter nonsense. I know back in the day, people used to say that brewer’s yeast or garlic works, and none of these things work. I'm sorry, just don't even bother. Some of these things are dangerous. People have a thing about diatomaceous earth. If you put that in your carpet, every time you vacuum, you're breathing that in yourself, and I don't think that's healthy at all, so I really don't recommend those things. Please work with your veterinarian to find the safest and most effective product.

Are there home remedies to prevent fleas and ticks? - Advanced Animal Care

There are some more homeopathic and quote-unquote natural remedies out there. The question is how effective they're going to be, and it depends on what kind of situation you're in. And again, I'm going to always recommend a prescription product for your pet because I think that will offer the best protection.