Are there chew toys that can work to also “brush” my dog’s teeth? - Advanced Animal Care

There's a ton on the market that you can find, and the question is, are they effective? And that brushing action is beneficial, but again, it's one of those things that it has to be used consistently to be as efficacious. And there are some that you can put the toothpaste in, and we always recommend toothpaste made for pets. We don't want to give them any human toothpaste. But yeah, if treats or chews are used consistently, they can have an effect. Now, some pets may eventually need a dental cleaning, but it's something worth a try to do at home.

Are there chew toys that can work to also “brush” my dog’s teeth? - Brooks-Falls Veterinary Hospital

There are many that will advertise that they will brush your dog's teeth, but they're not going to do exactly the same as a good old fashion toothbrushing or finger brushing. A lot of them will say that they will, but not quite as good as kind of the Veterinary Oral Health Council certified products.

Are there chew toys that can work to also “brush” my dog’s teeth? - Carolina Value Pet Care

Not effectively. However, I mentioned using Greenies, which are sometimes shaped like chew toys. But no, no chew toy can be effective for that. I will suggest rawhides, which can be beneficial. The same company that makes Veggiedents make a rawhide that's also enzyme-coded. That can be very beneficial because it's that chewing action that will help remove that plaque on the teeth. But you want to get an enzymatic cleaner. Chew toys don't have that. It's just a chew toy. So it's not going to help with the teeth.

Let me make this clear. This is my opportunity to rant about milk bones and milk bone-type treats. They do not help clean the teeth. A milk bone is not that much different from giving your dog kibble, and dog kibble is not designed to clean your dog's teeth. It's hard, but the way it works is that it just crushes. Many dogs just swallow it and don't even chew the food. It crushes on when they bite into it, and there's no way that will clean the teeth at all. So please, do not give your dog milk bones. They do not help keep the teeth clean. They add a lot of unwanted calories, which can be a big contributor to some of the obesity issues we see in dogs. If you're going to use something for your dog's teeth, either use Veggiedents that we have or use C.E.T. chews, which can be really effective. One last word about rawhides. I don't have any problems with people trying rawhides. Just make sure they're from North America and not Asia. If you look in the bag, you can quickly see if it's made in North America, Asia, or overseas. If it's made overseas, put it back on the shelf because there is potential for toxins in those particular products.