Will my dog be sad when I board them?

Will my dog be sad when I board them? - The Drake Center

Of course, it's nothing like being at home, but we try to make it as pleasurable for them as we can. We try to interact with them and love on them just like you would. We love them as much as you do, and we try to portray that, but they are in a cage other than when they're out in the yard. So it was a little bit different than being at home, I'm not going to lie. But again, we try to make it pleasurable. We give them bedding, interactive toys, and treats. We feed them regularly. We play with them as much as we can. So, it's hard to say if they're sad, but we try our best.

Will my dog be sad when I board them? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Sometimes they can be sad. Doing things ahead of time to kind of prep them for the boarding helps, whether that is getting their favorite toy or treat or something that you can bring with them that they enjoy that could also be offered here like that it is at home. I think you can judge by observing their anxiety level when you leave them at home. If they're anxious when you leave them at home, you might want to rethink how you plan to have someone keep them when you're gone.

Will my dog be sad when I board them? - Carolina Value Pet Care

It depends on the breed. If you have a goofy golden retriever, probably not. They're probably going to be happy to make new friends. But in all honesty, yes, there will be a degree of anxiety with every dog that will be taken out of its comfort zone and out of its element around strangers. But there are those occasional dogs who do well in any kind of situation. That is one thing you are going to have to give some consideration to. If you have a high-anxiety dog or one that has separation issues from you, yes, you definitely need to be prepared to deal with that.

Will my dog be sad when I board them? - 4 Paws at Fulshear Veterinary Clinic

A certain amount of anxiety or sadness is to be expected. It really depends on the dog's personality. If they are going to be stressed or scared, then it's something to talk to your veterinarian about. We can discuss medications or other options like house-sitting or pet-sitting.