What do I do about dog boarding if my dog has anxiety?

What do I do about dog boarding if my dog has anxiety? - The Drake Center

So sometimes, we do need to put these dogs on medication while they're here. They're just too stressed. They're barking all day long or jumping up and down in their cage. They might even get diarrhea from being stressed. So we recommend giving them anti-anxiety medication. And obviously, the doctor's going to prescribe what they think will work. And sometimes, there's some playing around with the dosing to find what works best for your pet. But yeah, they mustn’t be stressed the whole time. That's not good for anyone, and we don't like watching them like that.

What do I do about dog boarding if my dog has anxiety? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

We encourage you to do different things, like maybe going forward with some training and seeking some training to try to overcome anxiety. Just like Kyle mentioned, it's not only about leaving them for boarding, but maybe it's day-to-day separation anxiety, like if you go to work. Many people now work from home, and the pets are used to them being at home. So when you're not with them as much or could be certain things that we could talk about one-on-one that could be done. We also offer some natural calming recommendations, pheromone therapy, and things that can help when separation occurs. And then, of course, as a veterinarian, we can prescribe medication if needed during certain situations when their anxiety might be higher.

What do I do about dog boarding if my dog has anxiety? - Carolina Value Pet Care

Good question. Let's dig into it a little bit. If your dog has anxiety, it depends on the degree of anxiety. If it's quite profound, there are medications that veterinarians can prescribe to help reduce anxiety. If you're going to do something of that nature, I recommend starting to give the medication before going to the boarding facility. Don't wait till the day of. You want to have a loading period of a couple of days or around three days, depending on the medication. That's a discussion you'd have with your full-service veterinarian to help reduce the anxiety. There can be other ways of trying to address that. Depending on the boarding facility, they might allow you to go into the facility with your dog so they can start making that association. You're with them, and you can be there to support them with their anxiety. Again, if the dog has severe anxiety issues, that might be a situation where you can try a probiotic called Calming Care that you can add to the food. I would do it well before the visit. There's another medication called L-theanine that you can get. I do have a handout on these medications with dosages that you can look at. CBD can also be used. I'm probably going to get canceled for saying that, but you can try CBD. It definitely has a tremendous benefit for many dogs with anxiety. A lot of research is going into dosing for that, but that's another consideration.

What do I do about dog boarding if my dog has anxiety? - 4 Paws at Fulshear Veterinary Clinic

There are a lot of anti-anxiety medications and holistic options that we can go through. These include an Adaptil collar that you can get on Amazon, calming canine pheromones or thunder shirts.