What if my kitten misses a vaccination? - The Waggin' Train Veterinary Clinic

It kind of depends on the age of the kitten, number one, as well as how long of a gap there is. So first off, what do I mean by the age of the kitten? I like all animals, dog or cat, to have at least 2 sets of vaccines after they are 10 weeks of age. I also said earlier that I like to vaccinate every 3-4 weeks. So what happens if one time you're late and you can't come in for six weeks? Not a problem. Get them in when you can. It just can't be any closer together than three weeks, as you won't get the right immunologic response.

What if my kitten misses a vaccination? - Advanced Animal Care

Depending on what vaccine they miss and where they are in their series, we can get them back on track appropriately; it just varies as to what was missed and when.

What if my kitten misses a vaccination? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

If your kitten misses a vaccine, then let's just catch back up where you are. It is vital to get boosters on a specific timeline and a particular schedule because that's how the vaccines are labeled and recommended to give. But if you do miss that, then we're just going to boost that immune system right where your kitten starts back.