How can I get my kitten to calm down? - Freeport Veterinary Hospital

That can be challenging. I think the best way to have calm moments with your kitten is to make sure they're getting the stimulation that they need both mentally and physically. That can be somewhat challenging sometimes because it doesn't come naturally to us to play with a kitten or interact with a kitten the way they need. I think it's a great idea when you're considering getting a kitten to get more than one kitten at a time. Get one to two kittens, ideally from different litters, so there is a little bit of a distinct personality, so they learn to interact appropriately. Ensure they are relatively close in age because they can get some of that craziness out on each other versus on your arms and legs. But if you’re not going to do that for whatever reason and you’re going to have a solitary kitten, you must have different stimulation for them.

At least once or twice a day, plan for some interactive play. And that should be with a toy or some sort of instrument, not your hands or your feet, even if it's adorable when they're a tiny little fluff ball chewing on your toe. It won’t be cute in about a month and a half when they have the talons and the fangs. So we must never use our body parts to play with the kittens because that tends to cause problems later on.

Use a wand or some other sort of toy, stuffed toy, or even paper balls. Fulfill that need for your kitten to chase or grab or chew on something that doesn't involve your body. I want to bring up the idea of laser pointers, as a lot of stores advocate using laser pointers, and you see them on TV as a way to get your cat exercise. I don't like to use laser pointers with dogs or cats. It can sometimes lead to frustration because they never physically get to catch or bite or grab anything. And in some rare situations, they can lead to obsessive or compulsive behaviors and turn into a behavior problem. So I would stick to toys that they can give some physical satisfaction from grabbing or chewing on.

How can I get my kitten to calm down? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Play with them. Play, play, play. Give kittens lots of things to do. Especially if it's an indoor kitty, you have to play with them because they don't have a lot of that natural environmental stimulation. If you think about all the sights, sounds, noises, and smells that an outdoor cat experiences, and then you've placed them inside, their senses aren't fully being stimulated. They can do things and behavior that you don't want. By playing with them a lot, that can give them natural endorphins when they exercise, and it makes them tired because you've played with them a lot.