How can I bond with my kitten? - Freeport Veterinary Hospital

So food is love with our pets. Most kittens are pretty food motivated. And so doing some hand feeding when they're young so that they see you as a source of food, and therefore affection can go a long way to build that relationship. Not many people think about this, but training can also be an excellent way to bond with your cat. It's fun—who doesn't want a cat that gives you a high five? But it also builds that bond and communication so that when you want your cat to get off the counter, or you need your cat to be safe, or you need to give your cat medication, these are all things that we can train them to be comfortable with, and that can improve our relationship over time.

So give your kittens a lot of delicious food within reason, as we don't want super chubby kitties with health problems. But using food as reinforcement and food to build bonds is essential. But youth training can also be a lot of fun. Check out YouTube. There are a million great videos of cats doing pretty amazing things.

How can I bond with my kitten? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Bonding comes through play. That's the best way I like to bond with my kids. Find what they love. Some cats will fetch. Perhaps they like the little laser pointer or a certain toy. Maybe it's just sitting down and petting them and interacting with them like that. You might have to learn what their love language is and foster that. You don't want to love them to death with food. Don't bond only on food, like when you're eating your potato chips or popcorn at night and watching TV, and you're giving them that—now they’re going to associate eating with socializing.