How do I keep my indoor and my outdoor cat healthy?

How do I keep my indoor and my outdoor cat healthy? - Prestige Animal Hospital

With indoor kitty cats, get them used to playing a little bit, and I know it's easier said than done. A lot of people are probably looking at me like you come to my house and get my cat to play. But the feather players, the laser pointers, anything you can do to get your cat active and moving, try your best. It's great to start them early when they're kittens. Outdoor kitties tend to stay, from what I've seen, relatively healthy. They're out there stalking, playing, and preying, and bringing home lizards that they're preying on. So just continue to take outdoor kitties especially, indoors also, keep them going to the vet. Regular vet visits, I know everybody hates putting them in carriers, but when you bring them in when they're kittens, ask us how we can make that a more pleasurable experience. There are some tips that we can give you on how going right into the carrier is not a miserable experience. The first thing you want to do, I'll give you a quick one is don't put them in the carrier and take them to the vet every time. Put them in the carrier, walk around the house, give them a little treat. Let them come out, go back in. Because if the only place you put them is in the carrier to go to the vet where they get shots and get their temperature taken and all these not fun things, I wouldn't want to go in the carrier either. So get them used to being happy and friendly in the carrier. And we can go over more of that, and we have a lot of good information on that on our website as well under client resources so check that out.