Are all kitten and cat vaccines necessary?

Are all kitten and cat vaccines necessary? - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Yes. If we're recommending them, that's because we think they're necessary for your cat. The rabies vaccination is required by law for all of our domestic dogs, cats, and ferrets, and upper respiratory vaccines are necessary to keep your cat healthy. An additional vaccine may be necessary depending on your cat's lifestyle.

Are all kitten and cat vaccines necessary? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Technically, no, they're not all necessary, especially those considered non-core, if you will. There are certain lifestyles that your cat may live and certain things they may be exposed to. But as far as the core vaccines, yeah, we consider those necessary for all pets unless certain medical conditions would go against that, but those are uncommon. And then back to the whole legality of rabies vaccine—that one is considered very necessary. As a matter of fact, it's a legal requirement.

Are all kitten and cat vaccines necessary? - Blue Oasis Pet Hospital

Yes, the vaccinations that we recommend for cats or kittens are necessary. These include FVRCP, rabies, and leukemia for kittens. As a kitten grows into an adult cat, the vaccine recommendations may change depending on the cat's lifestyle. However, we do vaccinate all cats for these common diseases.

Are all kitten and cat vaccinations necessary? - Neighborhood Vets Mobile Care

Yes, all kitten and cat vaccinations are necessary. They are preventive in nature. The vaccines used in veterinary medicine today are scientifically refined and cause minimal reactions. Cats were much more susceptible to severe diseases before vaccinations were available - diseases that have a 75% mortality rate. Yearly vaccinations are crucial for cat health.