When does my puppy or dog need to be vaccinated? - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Typically, we start vaccinating puppies of eight weeks of age. And if you get a new dog from a shelter, then sometimes they have vaccines, but sometimes they don't have all the vaccines that we would typically recommend. So we ask you to, at the very least send us your vaccine record so we can tell you whether your dog is up to date, but you should be bringing them in to see us when you first get them anyway. You’ll want to do this so we can make sure that they're healthy and we can always review their vaccines and see if there are any additional ones that we recommend for our area.

When does my puppy or dog need to be vaccinated? - The Drake Center

We want to start vaccines as soon as you get your puppy. The reason is because the mom transfers immunity to the puppy while they're nursing. But as soon as they stop nursing, they need to be vaccinated every three weeks until they're at least four months of age.

When does my puppy or dog need to be vaccinated? - Advanced Animal Care

We usually will start puppy vaccines around six to eight weeks old. And then they're going to be getting vaccines about every three weeks until they've had four total. And then, as far as dogs go, their first set of vaccines is usually going to be about a year after they've gotten their last set of their puppy boosters. So about a year and four months old or so is whenever we anticipate that. And then from there, it's usually every one to three years based on what vaccines your dog is getting.