Do I need to feed a diet specific to my dog’s breed or size? - Haines Road Animal Hospital

So, for big breed puppies, I would recommend feeding a big breed puppy food. When they get older, it's a little less important. Royal Canin has some awesome breed-specific foods that they've put a lot of research into. So I would encourage you to look more into those foods as well.

Do I need to feed a diet specific to my dog’s breed or size? - Advanced Animal Care

I think it's less necessary for their breed. I know there are some diets out there targeted for specific breeds, and I think that's great. Do I believe that you have to feed that diet? Not necessarily, as I think there are many wonderful options out there. When it comes to the size of your pet, I think that that has a little bit more significance. So, you'll see large breed or small breed-recommended foods, and what I like about the small breed foods is the smaller kibble size. It’s much easier for smaller dogs, like Coconut here, who's got a smaller mouth, to eat those small breed diets.

Do I need to feed a diet specific to my dog’s breed or size? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

There are breed-specific dog foods out there. For instance, the sporting mixes tend to have higher protein content for the high-energy dogs. Will your dog thrive on a non-sporting mix? Yes, sure. But they may do better on the high-protein food. Some toy breed foods have smaller kibbles because little dogs like to crunch the little kibbles or pieces of food. Your large breed foods are formulated for the nutritional needs of large, big-boned dogs, particularly puppies. It optimizes their growth levels to prevent problems later in life. Do all breeds need breed-specific food? No. I recommend feeding for the life stage, but there are foods formulated for specific breeds which focus on palatability and kibble size. Kibble shapes may differ depending on the preference of certain breeds. Labradors, for instance, may chew and crunch their food more given it has a certain kibble size and shape. So that's why they are breed-specific.