How long does a dog dental cleaning appointment take? - Summer Creek Animal Clinic

It really varies based on the level of disease, as the dental procedure is based on being able to evaluate and treat any disease present. In general, a good dental procedure—including anesthesia, the dental x-rays, a thorough oral exam under anesthesia with probing, and then a thorough cleaning—is going to take 45 minutes to an hour. But whenever there's additional work that needs to be done or extractions if there's significant disease, that time can vary. The anesthetic part is vital to be able to provide a really high level of anesthesia with tight monitoring to ensure that we minimize any sort of risks or complications. We always make sure to minimize any risks, and we can discuss that in more detail.

How long does a dog dental cleaning appointment take? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

That varies. They can be as short as 30 minutes or less for a grade one dental, but I've had dentals go two and three hours and still have to come back for more. Some of the procedures can become very long. It just depends on what we're dealing with.