How do I know if my dog needs a dental exam? - Summer Creek Animal Clinic

The most common thing we see with dogs is that the owners notice bad breath. That is one of the common symptoms. Other things to look for are if they're dropping their food, if they're eating slower than they typically used to, if they're not eating as much, if they're shy from you being around their head—any changes like that could be an indication that your dog needs dental care. Now, the hard part about dogs, and cats for that matter, when it comes to their mouths is they don't typically show you any signs of pain. It’s essential to come in for regular wellness visits so that we can evaluate the mouth and determine if there's anything off because most of the time when we find something, the owners are unaware.

how do I know if my dog needs a dental exam? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Well, every pet needs a dental exam. There's just no doubt about it—a minimum of once a year, preferably twice a year. And we do dental exams every time your pet comes to see us, so a sick exam also includes a dental exam. If the dog has not had a dental exam in a year, they need it.