What is the cure rate of dogs with cancer? - The Drake Center

I don't know the cure rate specifically, honestly. There are some cancers that we can cure as soon as we surgically remove them. We can put some dogs in remission, and then we find the remission just keeps going on and on, like lymphomas. And there are some dogs that we can buy them a quality one to two years. And, for many owners, it's worthwhile to go ahead and treat that.

I don't know that I have a number for you for the cure rate, but there are many dogs that we indeed can help have a high quality of life for a more extended time. And that's what we're here for.

What is the cure rate of dogs with cancer? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

That's hard to say because it depends on the type of tumor. I don't know that we have an answer for that. There are certain tumors like sarcomas, for instance, that tend to be a little more locally aggressive. If we were able to surgically remove them, that would be a high cure rate for that type of tumor. Then there are other tumors like bone tumors that are extremely aggressive, and we don't cure the dog. We make them feel comfortable for an extended time, sometimes with remote amputations and things like that.