What kind of food should I feed my kitten? - Oakdale Veterinary Group

There are so many commercially-made pet foods out there. It's hard to go wrong these days. If you go to the pet store, the main thing is to get kitten food until they're around six months. Beyond six months, they'll eat adult food. At about seven or eight years, they'll get a senior diet. If there are any medical issues, then your vet might recommend prescription food. The brand that I like is this one here called Rawz Canned. Also, Hills is excellent. And there are several store-bought diets that are not bad either.

What kind of food should I feed my kitten? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

We would recommend if they're on solids to use good quality kitten food for growth. There are a lot of brands out there that are available. Some of those that we recommend are the IAMS, Purina Kitten Chow, and Royal Canin. There are many great ones out there, and you just want to make sure it's for growth or kittens.