How often do kittens need to eat? - Oakdale Veterinary Group

A lot! They have tiny stomachs, so you don't need to restrict how much they're eating. When they're over a year, they can get fat. You'll need to be careful with what you feed them. But as a kitten, they may eat every couple of hours.

How often do kittens need to eat? - Advanced Animal Care

So that depends. When kittens are younger, they need smaller, more frequent meals. And then, as they develop and grow older, we can do larger, less frequent meals. So it's not uncommon for your veterinarian to recommend having food out all the time while they're little.

How often do kittens need to eat? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

If they're younger, then kittens need to be fed more frequently, maybe four times throughout the day. If they're an older kitten—say they're already three, four months old—then three times a day would be appropriate.