How is heartworm prevented in cats?

how is heartworm prevented in cats? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Typically, there are some pills that you can give kitty cats like you do dogs, that are labeled for a cat but are a bit different. There are also topicals. The vast majority of people use the topicals that you put on the skin. These prescription medicines prevent the dog or the cat from getting infected, to begin with. That's the key with a cat, to prevent them from getting infected.

How is heartworm prevented in cats? - The Drake Center

There are chewable, oral as well as topical heartworm, preventatives. It depends on what works for you and your family or the cat. Some cats don't want to take a pill, and the topical option would be easier, but there are both options.

How is heartworm prevented in cats? - Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital

There are a couple of different methods for preventing heartworm in cats. We have an oral chewable, and there's also a topical medication.