Is it possible that my cat could die?

Is it possible that my cat could die? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

That is a possibility, but it is a very low risk. And when that occurs, of course, we take that very seriously, and we do things to help prevent that. So whether it's an IV catheter ahead of time, assessing any underlying diseases, and treating those before we're going to sedate your pet or anesthetize your pet, those are all things we take into consideration.

Is it possible that my cat could die? - Blue Oasis Pet Hospital

Yes, it is possible that your cat could die from general anesthesia, although it's a very minor risk if all precautions are taken. Veterinarians are trained medical professionals who know how to mitigate risks and promote safety, but there are things that are out of our control when an animal is under general anesthesia. Anesthetic death, although rare, is a real risk of general anesthesia.