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We follow a proprietary 5 step process to deliver your site faster than you thought possible while achieving the highest standards of quality.

Step 1: Startup Form
Once you purchase your GeniusVets site, a client service representative will contact you to schedule your on-boarding process. In that meeting, you'll be guided through our simple Startup Form, which gathers every key piece of information we'll need. This form typically takes 2-4 hours to complete. By gathering all this important information at the beginning of your project, we can then take your site all the way to a working demo within just two weeks, with minimal additional follow-ups with you.

Step 2: Content Gathering
In completing your Startup Form, your GeniusVets representative will help you to identify any materials which will need to be gathered up, such as photos, bios of your staff, or other additional content. You'll be provided with a simple checklist of content, and we'll check it off together as it's assembled.

Step 3: Site Building
Once all the content is assembled, our team will build out your unique GeniusVets site. This process takes approximately two weeks.

Step 4: Preview & Revisions
You'll then have the chance to preview your fully-functional site on a non-published, password-protected web server. Your representative will help to document any revisions or updates that are needed before the site is ready to launch. In this step, we'll also provide training to ensure you are confident in making changes and updates to your site so it will always have the latest information about your practice.

Step 5: Launch
Upon your approval, we will make your new site "live" and available to the public. Congratulations!

Management and Technical Support
Our service doesn't stop with launch; our platform is continuously updated, ensuring performance and reliability. We're also available for any technical support needs you may have with the site.

In short: Our proprietary setup process is totally different from working with a typical web designer – it's 100% streamlined to get your project going as quickly as possible. Don't let worries about the process prevent you from getting started today.