How will I know if my dog can be seen right away in an emergency? - The Waggin Train Veterinary Clinic

That’s a critical question because there are times where you might walk in with an emergency, and your veterinarian's already in surgery. If it's during regular office hours as something is happening, call your veterinarian immediately. Tell them this is what's going on and that you need to get them in. And they will tell you, "Yes, come on in. We can see you right now," or, "Oh, my doctor's in surgery, and he won't be free for the next hour or so." And maybe there are times you might have to take them to a different veterinary clinic. We have to do what's right and what's best for that patient. If it requires you to go to a different clinic or go to a 24-hour facility, we have to do whatever is best for that patient. Call them before to get a better feel for what's going on and if they can see you immediately or not.