Will my dog need a lab test prior to diagnostic imaging? - The Waggin' Train Veterinary Clinic

Not necessarily. So, perhaps if people haven't seen... The first thing, very quickly, I want to touch on diagnostic imaging means to me, ultrasonography, radiology, or x-rays, CT scan, MRI, those kind of things, those are imaging type studies. Other lab work might be blood work, CBC chemistry, coagulation panels, that kind of thing. So with that background being said, does your dog need to have lab work before diagnostic imaging is done? And the answer is no. It purely depends on what we are trying to diagnose by doing these studies. So, for example, if an animal comes in with a limp and we're doing x-rays because that's one of the more common things we do, to see if there's a fracture and obviously I don't need to run a blood work and look at the dog's liver and kidney function if I'm worried about if there's a fracture there or not. So, I think that's a prime example of when lab work would not be required. There's multiple others, but I won't go into all of them because there's too many scenarios, but simply put, no, they do not require lab work necessarily before imaging can be done.

Will my dog need a lab test prior to diagnostic imaging? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

They may, especially if any type of sedation is required. That would be the one time I would think, yes, for sure they would. We would want to do some blood work or lab testing, depending on what we are looking for. A baseline blood screen would be right up there with the baseline imaging or x-rays. That can provide additional information for you.