What should I consider before choosing a dog cancer treatment? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

That's very individual. Surgery is pretty much the mainstay for many tumors. That would be the one you would choose. Chemotherapy, for instance, often depends on the owner’s budget and schedule. I always encourage owners, if they are very interested, to seek a consultation with an oncologist, and they can give you options. There are often options for every budget and every schedule available—not always, but many times there are. You can at least get that consultation to know what your options are.

Pet insurance and twice-yearly exams can help. Then we notate any lumps and bumps that we find. We notate their size. We've done fine needle aspirates, and we have those results logged on records. It's easier for us to detect if things are changing. There are certain benign lumps and bumps where it’s OK to monitor and not do anything about. If they're changing, then we start talking about options to investigate further.