What are the non-core vaccinations, and why would my cat need them? - Countryside Veterinary Clinic

The core vaccinations are rabies and then FVRCP, which is Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia. Those are considered core because your cat could still be exposed to these viruses, even if they are indoor only. So when I say core, every single cat that comes to our practice, it is recommended that they get those vaccines.

An example of a non-core vaccine is the feline Leukemia vaccine, so feline Leukemia is spread from cat to cat by bite wounds from other cats, so typically only cats that go outdoors and interact with other cats, or maybe have another cat in the household who's positive for feline Leukemia would be advised to get that vaccine. All cats are recommended to get it initially and at their one-year visit, but then we only continue if those cats have those risk factors.

What are the non-core vaccinations, and why would my cat need them? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Non-core vaccinations do include the leukemia vaccine. That would be cats that get exposed to outdoor cats, or they're outdoor cats themselves. You can have a completely indoor cat, but if you have one that goes in and out, that cat could expose the indoor cat. That would be one of the ones that you would use. Bordatella vaccine is common for upper respiratory, boarding, grooming, and other high-density cat situations. Then there are rare instances, if any, for the most part, that FIP or FIV vaccines would be recommended. Those are very non-core.