What are some things I can do to make my aging cat more comfortable? - Freeport Veterinary Hospital

The best thing that we can do is treat the aging cat as an individual. We must remember what they like and what their lifestyle's like, and work around that to maintain that healthy lifestyle. When you’re with them at home, remember that although they're getting older and slowing down a little bit, we still need to keep them active and mentally stimulated. Use puzzle toys or puzzle feeders and other interactive toys like wands to get some interactive play or play that they actually need to think about. That can be important for keeping that brain healthy and keeping those muscles healthy. Go ahead and modify these as needed for what your cat's abilities are.

Other things for making your cat comfortable are maintaining good nutrition, which sometimes means switching to more of a canned food diet as kitties get older. A canned food diet can help because it's a higher moisture content, which is more helpful for the kidneys if there's some early kidney decline. Then probably the most significant thing is letting us take a look at them more frequently, and we like to see senior kitties at least twice a year. Things change more quickly as pets get older. And as we all know, they live a shorter period, so they age more quickly. And so by seeing them more frequently, we can often pick things up before they become a problem.