What are the health needs of my senior cat? - Prestige Animal Hospital

A couple of health needs that your senior cat may require are just regular vaccines, depending on the lifestyle, dewormings, preventative care testings, such as blood works, and urine testing. Sometimes x-rays and diet changes are needed. As they age, senior cats need specific changes in their diet to meet their nutritional needs. Exercise is still a big one in all cats and dogs as they age. So, those are some of the health needs.

What are the health needs of my senior cat? - Advanced Animal Care

Bringing them to the vet every year or even every six months is recommended. I like to run annual blood work on senior cats to screen for anything that could develop or are more common in senior cats. The next two things are going to be taking care of their teeth as they get older because they can sometimes run into some issues there and make sure that we're taking care of their joints the best that we can.