Should I encourage my senior cat to exercise? - Prestige Animal Hospital

I think exercise is important in all species and all kinds of animals. So, yes, I would encourage exercise, if possible. And I know people are probably looking at the screen like, "Yeah, you come to my house and make my senior cat exercise." But anything you could do to get them moving. If they're food motivated, tie that little food to a string and track it along and have them taste it. But it is important to try to get some physical activity. The more stationary they are, the more weight they're going to gain, and the more there are possibilities of other diseases manifesting themselves. Please try your best to exercise your senior cats.

Should I encourage my senior cat to exercise? - Advanced Animal Care

Once they get to that senior age, I let them choose their own speed and their own pace. So if they're showing that they want to play or are interacting with you, I say go for it, but just be sure to tune into when they're ready to stop so that you stop too. If they're feeling like having a lazy day, I say let them have a lazy day. It's kind of your cat's preference to tune into.