How can I make my home more senior cat-friendly? - Prestige Animal Hospital

So, one thing that a lot of people don't realize that kitty cats get is arthritis. Perhaps they used to be able to jump up high on their perches or on the bed or on the couch. But now, they're kind of hesitant. They have to find another way around. So you might consider putting some steps in or a ramp. And if they are later in their senior years, you might even check their litter box. In case they’re having trouble getting in and/or out, get an entrance that kind of dips so they don't have to step over it to get in. If they're losing some vision or hearing, just keeping those things in mind, such as where you place certain things around your house. So, a lot depends on what symptoms your cats are having, if any, when they get to senior. That’s something that we can always help you with as well.

How can I make my home more senior cat-friendly? - Advanced Animal Care

Some things to think about changing would be if they have an elevated food or water dish, like on a counter and having difficulty getting up there, bringing those down to floor level, or maybe provide some stairs or a ramp or something so they can get up there. Make sure that you're providing some comfy places for them to nap or lay or sleep, as well as making sure that if you notice they're having any issues getting in and out of the litter box if the sides of the litter box are too tall or things like that, they need a bigger one to help them posture. Those are some adjustments to make to help out your senior cat.