What does cat preventive care mean?

What does cat preventive care mean? - Advanced Animal Care

It means that everything that you're dealing with provides your cat with a long, healthy life, and that ranges from the food that you feed your cat to housing and enrichment. Preventative care also means bringing the cat to the vet every year when they're older or this size, every couple of weeks to get their kitten boosters series. It also covers those annual checkups and following the recommendations of your veterinarian, and keeping them up to date on preventatives against fleas and ticks, ear mites, and intestinal parasites. There's a whole lot that goes into cat preventive care.

What does cat preventive care mean? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Preventive care for cats involves a lot of different things, but we're basically trying to keep our cats healthy, and we are trying to do things that will prevent problems from happening. That can involve parasites, vaccinations, or even just nutrition and husbandry.

What does cat preventive care mean? - Four Paws At Fulshear

Preventative care is exactly like it is for humans. It involves taking your cat for an annual exam every year, and possibly twice a year when they're older. It includes managing conditions they may already have and paying attention to changes in their behavior. The primary goal of preventative care is to prevent disease or to catch it in the early stages when it's more manageable, treatable, or curable.