Is cat preventive care optional?

Is cat preventive care optional? - Advanced Animal Care

No, I would say it's not optional. It's something that we need to do for every pet that we have, whether it be a dog or a cat, or maybe you have some pocket pets or a ferret. But the wonderful thing for these guys is that I know cost is a big thing with many owners. Sometimes finances are a little tight, but everybody loves having a snuggly little kitten like this. And we love those who carry pet insurance, or we work with this pet insurance provider called Pumpkin. And the thing that I love about Pumpkin is that they have preventative care packages. So they have insurance programs that help with those annual wellness visits and that wellness blood work. And they have a lot of options that can help owners out with all of this preventative care management when it comes to the vet.

Is cat preventive care optional? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

Of course, it's optional, but we would say that it's very necessary. Not only is it better and easier to prevent than to treat, but it's also less expensive. So if you can do those things on the front side, you don't have to come and see me as much for the problems that could occur later.

Is cat preventive care optional? - Four Paws At Fulshear

While it's technically optional, it's strongly recommended. Just like with human health, things can change quickly. Preventative medicine can help your cat live a longer, healthier life and allows us to regularly check their organ function and catch problems before they start.