What are some common skin conditions in cats?

What are some common skin conditions in cats? - Summer Creek Animal Clinic

The things we see most are allergies. I like to break allergies into categories—environmental allergies caused by various pollens and things in the environment; Flea allergies, which are prevalent here in Fort Worth, Texas; and then food allergies, which is an allergy to a specific protein. So any combination of those occurs frequently. We often see certain infectious diseases like ringworm in younger cats, but they can infect a cat of any age. Different types of mites can affect a cat in different ways. Ear mites and different skin mites are relatively prevalent in younger cats in particular. Skin cancer, unfortunately, is not uncommon in cats. There's a variety of different types, some benign and others malignant. Skin cancers occur more often in middle-aged to older cats. Those are the broad categories we come across frequently.

what are some common skin conditions in cats? - Animal Hospital of Statesville

We commonly see parasites in cats. Fleas are always a concern with cats. We also sometimes even will see ticks with cats. We see skin infections, fungal infections, and bacterial infections. Cats get abscesses very frequently. Food allergies are a problem with cats. There's a syndrome called an eosinophilic granuloma and eosinophilic plaque in cats. So there are lots of different things that we see with cats.

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The number one condition that we see in cats for skin issues is allergies. We'll get a little bit more into that in just a second. We can also see problems with ringworm, which is caused by a fungus, not a worm. On occasion, we see issues with cancer, sadly, but they can be addressed as well. Sometimes, we'll see behavior issues that can also result in skin issues.