How will seasonal allergies present in my cat?

How will seasonal allergies present in my cat? - Carolina Value Pet Care

Seasonal allergies are typically seasonal. I know that sounds pretty obvious, but when somebody brings a kitty to me, one of the first things I want to find out is how long the problem has been going on and has this problem occurred in the past? Is there a pattern to it? Is there a particular seasonal pattern year over year? Maybe it's the first time it's shown up, but maybe it's the fourth or fifth time. If we can see a pattern to when it develops, whether in the spring or summer or a combination of those seasons, that is extremely valuable information to help us better understand the seasonality of an allergy.

How will seasonal allergies present in my cat? - Blue Oasis Pet Hospital

Yes, cats can actually have seasonal allergies. They can be allergic to grasses, trees, molds, fleas, and things that are just part of our natural cycle of seasons. They can be hard to diagnose. Often we have to partner with a dermatologist. Cats can have allergy testing on their skin just like you and me, and when that happens, we're looking to see what they are allergic to, and we want to customize some allergy shots for them. So they do get seasonal allergies, and usually, you're going to see your cat presents with just intense overgrooming of their hair coat and they're just thinning their hair. That is usually the main symptom of seasonal allergies in cats.

How will seasonal allergies present in my cat? - Loch Haven Veterinary Hospital

Most of the time you're going to see sneezing, coughing, eye discharge, or you may even still see the hair loss and the scabbing with that.