COVID-19 Information for P.A.W. Veterinary Clinic

P.A.W. Veterinary Clinic is currently: Open and delivering curbside services

COVID-19 Message:

We are here for you and your pets!

We are still utilizing our curbside concierge service and reducing contact as much as possible while safely and thoroughly caring for your pets.

We are now offering virtual visits through the TeleVet TeleMedicine App which you can utilize during and after our normal hours for a virtual appointment with Dr. Wormell.

Welcome Message

When you walk through our doors, your problems become our problems. Your concerns become our concerns. And your family becomes our family. That is why we pride ourselves on listening, truly listening, to you. We love to help you understand the deeper "why" behind your pet's health needs. And we guide you along the path in front of you through the happy times, the sad, the ups, the downs, and everything else that comes with loving a pet so dearly. This is a place of excellence, inclusivity, and compassion. This is a place for animal lovers. This is a place for you.


When you look into your pet's eyes, you see innocence. You see love. You see a soul. When your pet looks into your eyes, they see a protector. They see a best friend. They see a hero. We know what it's like to care so deeply for a pet. We, ourselves, are passionate animal lovers. And we love the people who care for them, too. That's why we care so much about getting to know you on a personal level. About treating you like family. About creating an environment where you can feel at home. This is our vision for a deeper kind of veterinary care. Because love deserves no less.

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