Triage Technician

Triage Technicians are a key team member in day-to-day operations of the clinic. Triage technicians are responsible for obtaining patient history, recording notes in charts/ electronic records, assisting the doctor on duty during the physical exam, aiding in animal restraint, collecting specimens for lab testing, running lab tests as directed by doctor on duty, invoicing patient procedures and appointments (out-patient), filling/ re-filling patient prescriptions as directed by doctor on duty, cleaning exam rooms following every exam (sweep, mop, wipe down chairs, walls, doors, and exam room table), creating accession forms for labs to be sent out, maintaining steady laundry flow, maintaining a clean pharmacy area, and presenting treatment plans to clients (estimates).

Triage Technicians will also see technician appointments during the hours of 8a-8p for laser therapy, anal gland expressions, nail trims, suture removals and any other appointments that do not require an exam by the doctor on duty (bloodwork rechecks, cytopoint injections, SQ fluid administration etc.) as well as assisting with triage and patient treatments during critical care/ emergency situations. Triage technicians are also responsible for helping with checking in and putting away inventory orders. When necessary, triage technicians help with walking, feeding, and medicating boarders.

This position can be used as entry level with a career path for growth to Head Triage or Treatment Technician


The ideal candidate for this role will have a flexible schedule, preferably have industry related experience (at least 1 year), and will have a minimum of a high school diploma.

Skills Required: 

  • Basic Animal Restraint
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Ability to learn quickly in a high-volume and fast-paced environment
  • Experience within the veterinary industry or similar field
  • Paid time off 
  • Oppurtunity for advancements 
  • Oppurtunity for Bonuses 
  • Company scrubs 
  • Free annual wellness packages (up to three pets) 
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