Veterinary Industry Insiders: Adam Wysocki and Chad Lane

Veterinary Industry Insiders Webinar With Adam Wysocki and Chad Lane


Hello, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Veterinary Industry Insiders. I'm your host, David Hall—one of the co-founders here at GeniusVets, and I'm very excited today to bring you an incredible company and its equally incredible solution to an industry issue that we're going to be talking about today. What I think is one of the most important issues that is facing veterinary practices today, and your ability to protect your business from these market intruders like Chewy and Amazon and whatnot that are scheming to take your business away. We're gonna dive into this and help you understand how to protect your pharmacy business. It's going to be a great conversation and I'm so excited to have a couple of brilliant guys joining the webinar here today. I'll be talking with Adam Wysocki, the Chief Executive Officer at VitusVet, and Chad Lane, Senior Director of Integrated Partners at EVO Payments.


I'd like to tell the folks a little bit about your background before we dive into these questions. Now, Adam is an organization and technology leader with 30 years of experience, leading people, managing organizations, and positioning technology to deliver bottom-line results. VitusVet is on a mission to improve the health and well-being of all pets by creating digital products that make life better for veterinary practices and pet owners with the release of VetShipRX, veterinary practices can tap into the on-demand economy and offer a modern ordering and delivery experience for their in-house prescription refills and food. By leveraging digital reminders, upfront contactless payments, and buying online and picking up in-store, even same-day home delivery, practices can offer the consumer and experience that pet owners are looking for and stop the flood of refill approvals showing up at fax machines from online retailers day in and day out.

Now, Chad Lane, as I said, is the Senior Director of Integrated Partners at EVO Payments. Chad strives to serve others on a daily basis. He believes that success is when you can truly help someone else reach their potential. Chad has an MBA extensive business development experience, a degree in MIS, and a passion for fitness, which all have allowed him to assist in the growth of both early-stage and established companies. EVO Payment Inc, which is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol EVO P, is a leading payment technology and service provider. Evo offers an array of innovative, reliable, and secure payment solutions to merchants ranging from small and mid-size enterprises to multinational companies and organizations across the Americas in Europe. As a fully-integrated merchant acquirer and payment processor in over 50 markets and 150 currencies worldwide, Evo provides competitive solutions that promote business growth, increased customer loyalty, and enhance data security in the markets that it serves. This is why they're an ideal partner for VitusVet.


We did the owners' track event this year at WVC, Austin Vet got a bunch of other great events, and I just want everybody to know if you're a follower of GeniusVets, that we really put a lot of thought, a lot of effort, a lot of work, and a lot of brilliant people into curating what are the best solutions that are out on the market that are tackling real problems in the veterinary industry. And that's why we're working with you guys this year to just kind of spread the word about what you're doing. I've talked with hundreds of veterinarians around the country about this problem because they're seeing so much of their pharmacy business go away. They're seeing it just be sucked off by these huge entities that have gotten their fingers into their data by other companies that just have made, and you can't necessarily blame consumers, they like a simple experience, they like to sit at home. Amazon has taught us that we don't even have to leave the house, but the problem is that the pharmacy business is roughly about 20% of revenue for a veterinary practice. And as these big online retailers are sucking the business away, most veterinary practices don't have the EBITDA to be able to afford that loss. So I've seen a lot of different solutions be proposed and fail for different reasons. And I think what you guys are doing is truly an amazing solution. So, let's start, Adam, why don't you tell us a little bit about VitusVet history and the core business?


Yeah, sure. So VitusVet was started about seven, eight years ago by our founder Dr. Alcott. He was an emergency veterinarian working late at night and really got frustrated that pet owners were coming in with treatable problems, but he didn't have access to medical records. So he went to business school and he actually started VitusVet, which started as a mobile app for record sharing. As that app got penetration and veterinary practice started talking to more practices, more doctors around the country, he realized that there was a disconnect in communicating with their clients for practices. Things like reminders, email campaigns, and two-way texting. So the company went from medical records to a full-blown reminder solution and was growing really well. And then, you know, COVID hit, and we had a pivot just like many other companies and practices in COVID.

We had to get really smart on two-way communication, helping serve practices that were clients of ours, to do curbside. And we also had a strong request for contactless payments. So VitusVet kind of got into the payment business and started offering payment solutions to practices, contactless payments so that they didn't have to hand credit card readers back and forth to cars in parking lots. We had a lot of success with that. And then as we looked at the products that we had, the payments products, the reminders, and more importantly our refill reminders, which we think are some of the best in the industry, we said to practices, Hey, what are the problems you're having with pharmacy? Cuz we think we can help you with refills. And from that, we took the digital reminders, the contactless payments, and we partnered with DoorDash to be able to offer same-day delivery. So, a veterinary client can order to refill a medication at home at eight o'clock at night and have it delivered to their home the next morning. And we think it's a really great system to empower practices, to get in on the on-demand economy, offer the convenience of the online pharmacies, but keep the margin themselves and not have to give it away.


Well, I mean, there's actually a lot to unpack there because I think it's so interesting. You started in a very different place and you haven't gone away from doing those things, but you've added things that have really kind of taken over and that I think are just so brilliant. Can you give us a clean bullet point list really quick, and then we're gonna dive into some of this stuff. So clean bullet point list of things VitusVet does.

Service reminders for vaccines, exams, wellness appointments, appointment reminders and confirmations, and medical record sharing. We have a mobile app so that clients can access their records for the veterinary practice. We have a campaign tool for emailing clients, a two-way texting solution for text-based communication, contactless payments, and a full payment solution with exam room checkout, as well as VetShipRX, our pharmacy product that offers reminders, contactless payment, and same-day delivery.


What's also interesting is to me, what happens so often with companies, you go in and you say, Hey, this is what we do. And that's your core product and there are bells and whistles that are added and it evolves a little bit and stuff's added, but they tend to stay, just the additional stuff. It's pretty rare to get a company that's as mature, that's been a market leader in its space and delivered a high-quality thing, and then comes out with a new thing. I know that the VetShipRX, that's really kind of leading the product line at this point. Can you tell us a little bit about that evolution and why you're making that so prevalent and it's become such an entry point for your clients?

Yeah. I think that one of the things that I love about VitusVet and one of the practices that I like to instill is, that we're not just trying to sell a product. We're talking to our partners in the veterinary industry, and our clients, and trying to understand the problems that they have and offer solutions to those problems. And we'll help them with solving problems that we don't even provide a software solution for because it makes them a better practice, and it helps our mission of helping the health of all pets. So, as I got started in my role, I was originally the vice president of product and engineering. I started talking to practices during my first 90 days, I wanted to talk to a practice every single day, and I'd ask them what kind of problems they were having. And it was during COVID, so we talked a lot about curbside and know-how and the business that everybody had.

But another problem I heard over and over was refill reminders from third-party retailers. Can you help me with this? My fax machine is overflowing. We spend hours filling these refills and approving these scripts, and we don't get paid for it. Is there anything you can do about that? And my background is eCommerce, local commerce helping brick and mortar businesses compete online. And I said we have these tools in place with our product offerings already at VitusVet. We just need to put them together in a new way, and if we do that and find a partner like DoorDash, we can really offer a unique solution that gives veterinary practices their power back and solves the problem that they have.


Adding in DoorDash, that to me was really when I heard that, that's where I got really excited because, again, getting back to having talked with a bunch of practices over the years, they've tried to figure out their mailing solution and they go, okay, well, we can do bulk rate mail and we can go to USPS and get their envelopes and flat rate this. But then the logistics of that are significantly more difficult and time-consuming than you see in the front end. And they realize the back end that it’s a lot, and it ends up that those logistics end up causing problems, and they're becoming a shipping business and that's not what they want to be. And then you, obviously, you're not shipping dog food, they can't compete with anything that's bulky or heavy and so DoorDash can. So people tell me exactly how it works and what are the uses for the payment collection service. And if somebody is doing it for a prescription refill. Walk us through, how does that really work?

So it all starts with the digital refill reminder, right? So typically a pet owner buys their product in the exam room.


Are you saying that it's not like front-end stuff? It's all refill reminders. It's not like a front-end e-commerce site?

That's correct. Some good. I think that a lot of practices have online pharmacies. I hear very often that those online pharmacies aren't as successful as the practices would like them to be because of two reasons. Number one, it relies on the pet owner, knowing that that exists. And if you look at the data in the industry, we know that most pet owners don't even know their veterinarian has an online pharmacy. And then number two, it relies on the pet owner to actually seek out the pharmacy when it's time to refill. And we try to look at the problem in a different way. We wanted to kind of direct response marketing, which is the term that I like to use, but it's the same principle that Facebook and Instagram use. When you see an ad, you're not really shopping, but you're reminded about or shown something cool or something that you might need, and you go ahead to purchase it. And a digital reminder works the same way.

It’s seven 30 at night. I'm not necessarily shopping, but if I get a text message from my practice saying, Hey, you're about to run out of flea and tick medication, I can click a button and repurchase it. That's a great experience for me as a consumer. I don't have to go find a website. I don't have to add something to a cart. And that's the basis on which this started. So you get the reminder, you request the refill with a reply with an R, and the veterinarian approves it because we still have to approve prescriptions. And after it's approved, you pay for it pretty simply with a payment link in a two-step checkout process. And during that process, you can request to either come into the practice and pick it up. Maybe the practice is on your way home from work. It's pretty simple. Or if you want it delivered to your house from DoorDash, it's eight or nine bucks to where most people, and it'll be at your house typically in less than an hour.


That is awesome. That's real. People don't mind paying for that convenience. And studies have shown that people would rather support their veterinarian, but they care about the convenience more, which is why they'll go for those convenient online refills. But if it makes it just as convenient, they don't mind even paying a couple of bucks more. They like their relationship with their veterinarian and all also being proactive. And I think that’s the brilliant thing, being proactive about this. So can you tell me a little bit about that proactive element? I mean, prescriptions, they come in all different, Hey, you've got a week supply, you've got a month supply, you've got a three-month supply. You've got Revecto for three months. So you're gonna, what set that up automatically that if they get Revecto, it'll automatically remind them in what, 10 weeks?

That's correct. So what we do is we're integrated with practice management software. We're watching the invoices. So as you sell products in your practice, if we see a product code for a six-month box of Heartgard, we know we're gonna send a reminder in about 160 days. And we get that reminder out before their last dose so that they know ahead of time. If it's Apoquil, we know you're dose, if you're selling 30 or 45 pills at a time, we know we're gonna send the reminder in three to four weeks. So it's all automated. Our customer success team onboarding helps set up the products that you want a reminder on and the intervals that you're most comfortable with as a practice. And then it's set and forget it. The product just runs in the background, sends the reminders out and those requests start coming in and we provide a very simple dashboard to manage your requests, your approvals, your payments, all the interaction with DoorDash, requesting a driver. And then all the confirmations that go out to the client are all automatic. So it's been paid for, it's been picked up, it's out for delivery, and it's delivered.


One of the things that you touched on, I think is really important to provide just a little bit of depth there because I know, having worked with so many practice owners on technology solutions and looking at different things, it's usually they go, oh yeah, that's smart. That sounds fun. I would do that. But it's the onboarding process that really freaks them out, as it's another project and they're too busy and it sounds like a lot of work to set all this stuff up. What it sounds to me like you're saying, and you and I hadn't talked to this level of depth on this previously but sounds like you already have, you know what these things are. I mean, you're throwing out brand names and you know all the different solutions, you guys have been building this a long time. So it sounds like you have a library of communication. You understand what the frequency is post original appointment and all that sort of stuff. So you bring that to onboarding and then the practice, as you take them through that, they can adjust that to whatever they want it to be. It's all editable stuff?

That's correct. So during the onboarding process, once we get your pins integrated, which is pretty quick for most practices, we have a suggested list of products. We start off with 50. The practice can just say, yes, no, take this off, add this on. Usually, it is about a 15, 20-minute conversation and we set it and go, and then what our customer success team will do is we will look at what you've been selling and check in about every 30 days and make recommendations for updating that list around frequency, around additional products that might be helpful, or if you wanted to take anything off. And that's another 10, 15-minute conversation. So time-wise, it's not a huge investment unless you wanna get crazy customized, and you have a lot of really weird products that we've never heard of before, but for the most part, practices are very similar. We've seen a lot of different configurations and can make it pretty painless.


And if they do have a weird product, you have never heard of before, you can just build that on the fly?

Absolutely. It only takes our team a couple of minutes.


Yes. So cool. Just really, really well thought out now, how do EVO Payments fit in with VitusVets and why EVO Payments out of all, there's so many payment processors out there.

Yeah, It's great having Chad here. We started with payments a couple of years ago and tried out a couple of different payment processors with various results. For pharmacy, it's really critical that you have a partner that understands your business as a veterinarian. A lot of underwriters in the credit card industry won't underwrite pharmaceuticals with cards not present. And you also wanna make sure that you're talking to somebody that can be very competitive on rates and helpful if you have problems. And that's why we landed on EVO. I think that they have the best customer support team in the business, they're super, they know the industry they're investing in and learning the veterinary industry, and their toolset with their business integration. Chad can tell us more about how it allows us to create a portal in VitusVet, so that you can get everything that you need to reconcile at the end of the day, without having to go to a different website. So right within the VitusVet ecosystem, you have one portal and you can manage all aspects of your business. And we know that practices really get frustrated having to bounce here or there, talk to different support people, different customer success people. And with EVO, we're bringing that all into one interface and one team. And, Chad, I'd love to get your thoughts on this and what EVOS has been doing in the veterinary space.

Yeah, of course. Appreciate Adam. Appreciate it, David. So, as David had mentioned before, EVO, we're a large global processor acquirer. And so we've worked in many different industries across the globe, and across the years. What we've decided to do over the past couple of years is really become vertical-specific and started investing really into specific verticals, veterinarian, vertical being one of those, and really learning what veterinarians, what practice owners, what they need, what they keep them up at night. And so, Adam, I mean, you've hit on a couple of those and that is the cost. In reducing those costs, they can invest more into their practice, more into the care of the animals. And then number two is time. And it's time to set up an account, as we've discussed with VitusVet, setting up a merchant account and the time of taking payment. That's a quick time of taking payment for the pet owners so that they can invest more time into the actual care of the animals. So we really dove into learning what those elements are that are keeping these owners up at night, these veterinarians up at night.

How we go to market is through partnerships. So, we early on formed a relationship with VitusVet and saw that they're really making a difference in the veterinary industry, and we can really help, from a payments perspective, add that value and really take away some of the stress from an owner veterinarian in this space. So we love it. We're excited. I say we're constantly learning and constantly learning from Adam and the team over at VitusVet as well.


I've got a number of friends and colleagues, being a marketing and SEO guy, I've done a lot of stuff in helping businesses with e-commerce. And a lot of industries have really hidden little hazards and problems and traps and speed bumps that you gotta get over from a payment processing perspective. Adam, I think you kind of started to touch on that. Chad, what have you found in the veterinary space that are unique challenges that potentially we keep other payment processors out or things that allow you to identify and get really good at and make you a much better solution? What kind of specific things have you run into?

Yeah, Adam hit on a couple that I'll dive in a little bit deeper. One is from an underwriting perspective. So in payments, underwriting can be a large hurdle. It's also a crucial piece of our onboarding, cuz as a payment processor, we hold all the risk. If there's something that happens either to say the practice or to a credit card holder’s transaction. And so what we do ahead of time is we really get with the partner to understand, all right, what is your business? Our head of underwriting sits right in Dallas, where the majority of our team sits and we just have a conversation, we get everything on the table, and make sure everything is smooth right from the get-go. So I would say that's number one. Number two is any time of day a pet owner and an animal can be coming into a clinic and it's gotta make sure that payments are up and running. There's somebody there behind the scenes who can help if something happens. And so EVO, we have 24/7/365 support right out of our Dallas, Texas office. That's there any time of the day, any time of the night, even on holidays. And so we've realized that things don't just happen eight to five, and things happen out in the middle of the night and on a holiday as well. So what we found is we were there. We're real people behind the phone and we truly care and are animal owners as well. So it's just investing, learning, and being willing to invest in it is key, asking the right questions.


There are many veterinary practice owners out there that are very aware. They understand what's going on. They look at the future trends, they have great perspective and they can see and they can feel, and they're paying attention to what's happening to their pharmacy business. They really can see that Chewy is sucking it away. But a lot of it is surprising to me. There are some that just haven't, I don't know if their head's in the sand and they're just so busy in the exam room and just paying attention to the things that they care about, which is always practicing the best medicine and things like that. And they've been so busy that maybe they're just not paying enough attention. I mean, we see Chewy coming to big veterinary industry trade shows and putting up a big booth and recruiting veterinarians. Certainly, there are no practice owners that are going by their booth, but they're trying to get the younger vets and ones that maybe don't realize what they're doing to the industry, but it's pretty near an existential threat, I believe, to independent veterinary practices in the country, really under threat.

I think that the thing that's happening and the thing that worries me about the independent practices is just the intermediation of customers, right? If an online third-party retailer is grabbing them out of Google, you know, to sell them a refill or sell them a bag of food, and they're also offering telehealth services, that loyalty is gonna start to shift. That great experience, that kind of dabbling in answering 10% of the needs of the pet owners will start to draw away. And I think practices really need to make an investment in keeping their clients. I hear all the time, well, I can't compete with Chewy on price and that's true. Chewy's gonna be able to buy in larger quantities and price cheaper, but you can compete with them on convenience. And we know that 43% of refills are done after hours after 6:00 PM and before 7:00 AM. And that's a huge segment of potential revenue that a lot of practices aren’t tapping into because they don't have an ordering system like VetShipRX, where a client can just pay for a refill at seven o'clock at night and know that it's gonna show up the next day.


Pharma’s always dealt with their pricing in terms of bulk discounting, right? So you get a massive practice that is gonna get a cheaper price than a smaller one, just because they're doing more business. And they're the, that gave rides to the GPO industry group, purchasing organizations, which say, okay, well, we've got a thousand, we've got 5,000, however many members it is that they have. And so they negotiate these bulk discounts, and now they're getting a little bit cheaper rates, but I’m sorry, all of a sudden you got Chewy that drives the type of traffic. And let's understand that pet care starts online. That's where pet owners go when they have a question relating to pet care, pet owners go online and ask Google and that's where it starts. So when you're really good at showing up online, you're drawing that traffic and now you're taking control of that conversation. And if Chewy is getting there and getting in front of now, they've got a shot at taking over winning that business. So they drive so much traffic that the pharma companies are applying the same formula they always have. They're saying, well, you're really big. You've got a lot of traffic. So we're gonna give you deeper and deeper discounts cuz they can. They've paid for the RND on these products at this point, so higher profit margins and they can do their discounting and whatnot. And we've been saying for years, this is a very broken, bad system because it’s the people in practice, the veterinarians who are sitting there that are doing the diagnosis, that is making the prescriptions, that are being the salesperson, they are the salespeople. The salespeople of the pharma companies that come in and convince the veterinarian, it's not their real salespeople. They have the sales title. The veterinarians are the people for this. And then they're allowing that prescription business to go to Chewy, to undercut. Chewy should be. And what's gonna happen in a few years when all of a sudden now these independent veterinary practices that are running at well, at least pre COVID, they were running at 10, 12, maybe 15% EBITDA, and that jumped up because this spike in veterinary business to somewhere in 15 to 20% EBITDA. But if 20% of their revenue, which is what their pharmacy is getting, if that gets cut in half and you're facing an existential threat of your main sales force, what's gonna happen in the future of these products? They should be incentivizing. They should be giving the deepest discounts to a level that Chewy can't even touch to the veterinarians that are actually writing the prescriptions, that should be writing the prescription discount that's happening there. And none of them are doing it, save Merck.

David, I say all the time, that prescription medicine in the vet industry is about a 10 billion a year industry. About 1.8 billion is currently on online third-party retailers. What happens when another two or 3 billion move online, what's that gonna do to service fees and the affordability of pet care in this country, some practices will close down. Other practices will raise their prices. People are already struggling to pay for services or denying services cuz they're too expensive. I just think it's really important that we keep investing in these independent practices and making sure that they remain profitable and viable, and thriving and growing.


That's the future of the whole industry and ultimately, we need these practices. We need these independent practices to provide the best care because they do. They care about it and it's not corporatized medicine and they're doing their best and they deliver the best care, the best experience. So we have to protect this for everyone's sake, you know? Tell me if you had a few steps that someone should take if someone's interested in taking back control of their pharmacy, because, Adam, you've obviously really been spending a lot of time and attention focusing and building out a great solution here. What are the 1, 2, 3 steps they should be taking to protect their pharmacy business?

Yeah. So definitely a digital reminder platform for your refills. Something that's not a lot of work because if you're gonna rely on your staff to fill out data for every time a product is sold, people are overwhelmed. It's not gonna be comprehensive. So something that's automated and text-based because we know people are checking their phones 47 times a day, they're gonna respond to text messages a lot better than they're gonna bond to email. So make sure you have a text-based solution. Number two is contactless payments. So once they say yes, I want a refill on that. Be able to collect payment for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don't make them call you. People don't wanna call, especially millennials don't wanna call. They wanna respond with a text and a link. Make sure that you're providing for them, and you're working with a payments partner.

Our preferred is EVO, and Chad over there, but somebody that will do card, as in pharmacy, and provide you with great support. Then number three, make it convenient for them to tie, pick it up or have some type of delivery option. If they have to come in and stand there for 10 minutes in your waiting room, while you run their card and print out an invoice and print out a receipt, it's not gonna be a great experience for them. So they're used to walking into a Chipotle or a Starbucks and just grabbing and going. So, pay upfront, and have everything ready. They can skip the line, grab their order and go home. Those three things will greatly amplify your pharmacy sales and make your clients more engaged and more connected to your practice and give them a better experience altogether. Alternatively, you could visit our website at, and check it out because it does all of those things for you with automation and a nice dashboard for you to use, so you don't have to do it all yourself.


In the end, people do underestimate it because it's so common to have e-commerce set up and all that. Oh, just set it up. It's pretty complex when you get into it, even as common as it is today, it's still incredibly complex to go and do it all yourself and figure it all out. And that's why I really respect the system that you guys have created. Can you share any feedback? You had a bunch of vets there using this at this point. Can you share feedback you've been getting from practice owners or managers relating to these services recently?

Yeah. They're amazed. So the delivery product was recently launched. We did a soft launch just a few months ago with pickup. Buy online pick up in-store, overwhelmingly in the retail industry, is the most popular way of purchasing products online these days. Best Buy and Target and stores like that are all offering it. But we launched the delivery with DoorDash, and the practices were amazed at how quickly a driver will show up. So typically, you know, 10, 11 minutes tops, and a driver will walk into their practice after they request one and they're going from payment approval to delivery in less than an hour. And it's mind-blowing to them. I think the other thing that is interesting to practices is we have the ability, we send out the refill requests and the payment at links, but not everybody pays when they get the link. They might open it while they're doing something. They don't have their wallet nearby to put in their credit card. So we have a feature to kind of remind them and kind of draw them back into the checkout. And we had a practice the other day that used that reminder system and in five minutes collected $512. And she just thought it was the greatest thing in the whole world. The number of phone calls that she would've had to have done to collect that money and the time on the phones was easily made up for with those buttons.


500 bucks and five minutes, you're running $6,000 an hour, I'd say it's worth it.

Really worth it. Yeah. The time savings on the phone is the other thing we hear. We have a practice estimate that they're gonna save about 480 hours on the phone this year, taking refill requests and payments by using VetShipRX, and that's phenomenal savings and time for the staff. So they can focus on medicine and pet health and not process.


I love it. So, what's next? I know you're doing a bunch of stuff. You're participating in a number of events this year. You have a lot going on. What are some of the ways that our audience can plug into VitusVets and the value that you're bringing to the industry?

Yeah. I think that there are a lot of materials on our website right now, including our video explainer. that's, full rundown there's data sheets on VetShipRX and how the products are working. We're gonna be, I believe, at the DVM fetch 360 in Kansas City at the end of August, and then at the New York vet show, I think that's in November this year. I'll be at the, there's an innovation summit in Boston at the end of June that I'll be on a panel with a couple of really smart folks. A website is the best way to get started. I'd encourage everybody to get a demo. Our team is great and very passionate about what we're doing. We'd love to take people through the product. And we also are doing a month's free trial. So we'll waive our processing fees on the product for the first month for anybody who wants to try it out and see if it's a fit for their practice. We believe that if you try it, you're gonna be hooked. So we're willing to waive the fees for the first month. And then we'll also if you're interested in the reminder solution, we do a really good bundled discount on that as well with VetShipRX so just trying to help practices be successful, keep engaged with their clients and really strengthen that relationship.


So, go to the website, Is there an email address, if somebody wants to just email, you have to have a question or something like that?

Yeah, probably the best way to do that would be through our sales email, just [email protected], or you can email me directly, [email protected]. I should probably have an easier email address there.


What about those who'd rather just talk to somebody on the phone, what's a phone number?

That is a great question. It's on the website for sure.


Well, guys, this has been fantastic. I know that you're both incredibly busy. You got a lot going on. So for you, it takes a little time to meet with us and talk about what's happening in the industry. I can't stress enough how much solutions like this, I think, are the make or break for saving the industry. I really feel because these practice owners, these veterinary practices, they're up against Chewy, and Chewy is operating at a loss, and they can afford to do it because it's all about stock price, right? So they can sell at a loss and with the deepest discounts and all of that. So, I mean, veterinarians, if you're on there, you gotta scratch and claw and be willing to fight and die on the hill, save your pharmacy. And this is the best solution that I've come across so far for doing this.

And you can do it. I mean, I do talk to practices that, they're doing 30, even 40% of their revenue through their pharmacy, doing these things. And some practices are doing it themselves, they don't even need VetShipRX, and they're getting these results. So whether you use our solution or you do it on your own, fight to keep your pharmacy. It's worth it. Your clients are gonna appreciate you for it.


Before I let you guys go, something that I always like to do here. It's one thing to get in and talk about business and, business, business, the industry, but we're all people. We're all after this. I'd love for you guys to just share a little bit about yourselves. Adam, something about yourself, what are you passionate about outside of work? What makes you tick?

I'm a lawn guy. I go crazy about my lawn. I like going out to dinner at nice restaurants, and then my wife and I volunteer every other Saturday morning at the local shelter in the kitty playroom. So that's the kind of thing that gets me out of bed in the morning when I'm not working.

So, we're cat people. We have three cats in the house and cats and shelters are, especially this time of year in the spring, lots of kittens, lots of cats coming into the shelter, and they just need socialization and people to come in and love on them. So it's just, it's something I used to run an animal rescue years ago, so it's something I've been doing for a long time, and that I believe in.


Chad, what's something that no one knows about you except for your close friends?

Yeah, I would say, so three things that I'm passionate about. One is I love the outdoors.

I would say really anything camping though. I have two kids, and we go camping and hiking. We go quite a bit with the two of them.

I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. So yeah, we go up into the smokey, or Georgia mountains and camp up there. So, my wife comes for the hikes, and then she goes back and sleeps in a warm bed at night, and the kids and dog and we all sleep in the tent. So, when I get a combo, those three, you can't beat it.

There we go. That's great. Dig it right on guys. Well, Hey, thanks so much. You’re both really just good humans, and I think that good business first starts with being good humans. So I just appreciate that. I love what you guys are doing. Please keep it up and I look forward to working with you in the future. Everybody, click on these links that we've put in the chat. And guys again, have a great day. Thanks so much.


Yeah, David, thanks for having us.


So, everybody, that wraps it up for this episode. Hey, remember if you are a veterinary practice owner or a manager, and you're watching this, you have a full-page profile for your practice live right now, already live on It's true. You should go check it out. Go to You can look it up by state and by city, just go find yourself, and claim your profile. It's one hundred percent free. These profiles are great. They rank really high in Google search results. We just want all links going to you. We're trying to take back that traffic that people are going to, whether they're going to Chewy, whether they're going to some blog to read some misinformation about pet care. No, we want good pet care information to come from the veterinarian, and we're trying to redirect them to you. So claim your profile and a whole bunch of other free stuff that we give away, but that's a great place to start. And please come next Wednesday when we have another fantastic interview—we’ll be doing this all year. Thanks so much. We appreciate your time.

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