A Letter from Harley Orion, Co-Founder and CEO:The GeniusVets End of the Year Wrap Up 2023

The GeniusVets End of the Year Wrap Up

It's hard to believe that another year is coming to a close! It feels like just a few days since our team huddled up to set some lofty goals for 2023. From talking with our clients around the country, in many ways 2023 was set up to be great if only because it wouldn’t be another “pandemic year” … but we soon discovered 2023 would have its own challenges. However, we’re proud that our clients have generally continued to grow in 2023 regardless of changes in the industry trends.

As we settle down from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and prepare to start a fresh calendar, I'd like to take a moment to pause and reflect on the past year – the triumphs, the challenges, and everything in between.

A Look Back at What Defined Our 2023

I’m very grateful and proud of the milestones we've achieved this year. Our team has logged thousands of hours of work developing our platform, building websites, writing blogs, coaching clients, and 1001 other things. But there are two major themes that have contributed to our successes: growth and trust.

1. Growth

Despite broader economic uncertainty, I'm pleased to share that this past year has been our biggest year yet for both client and employee growth. We've continued to invest in top-notch talent and professional development to ensure we have the knowledge and expertise to support our client’s growth. I can't say enough about the dedication and commitment of our team and how they come together to create a company culture that's second to none.

“This is a company and a team I am incredibly proud to represent and hope to be with for many, many more years to come.”

I believe culture matters, and that it drives performance. If you’re already working with GeniusVets, then you know what great people we have here. If you’re not working with us, I encourage you to check out our Glassdoor profile linked above, and then look up your current company, and see how they compare.

Despite our continued growth, we’ve maintained the personal touch that’s vital to our work. Our Success Coaches and Marketing Consultants take the time to know every individual practice at a personal level to ensure their unique needs are being met.

2. Trust

Trust is one of the most integral values of the GeniusVets brand. We believe that it’s vital to maintain ethical practices, and always do the right thing. As the only marketing company co-founded by a DVM and practice owner, we have a deep commitment to moving this industry forward. Holding the #1 spot in performance is not just a measure of success for us; it reflects the trust and confidence our clients and community place in us.

We’re proud that due to our exceptional track record of performance and ethics, we’ve been selected as the marketing partner of the top group purchasing organizations (GPOs) in the industry year after year.

and 3. Results

I know I said there were two major themes, but I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge one more incredibly important theme that has recurred each and every year: results.

Since GeniusVets was founded in 2016, our mission has remained the same: deliver the premiere engagement platform and marketing services that put DVMs at the center of the conversation about animal health. To achieve this, we've focused on building a world-class team of marketing and veterinary professionals who share our obsession with delivering value. That’s why every recommendation and strategy we prepare for our clients is evidence-based, effective, and proven to deliver a return on investment.

This year we:

  • Drove over 500,000 patient leads
  • Drove 17 million visits to our clients’ websites
  • Reached 2 million people with our blogs

In addition, the model we've built for Help Desk and customer support services has become mainstream, with many other marketing companies in this space adopting the “unlimited support” offer that we pioneered from day one at GeniusVets.

Looking Ahead to 2024

With a great year behind us, we've set our sights on big things in 2024. Here's a sneak peek at a few things we've planned for next year.

Our goal has always been to facilitate a space where knowledge can thrive, benefiting both professionals and pet enthusiasts alike.

Continuing Our Commitment to Industry and Pet Owner Education

Our goal has always been to contribute and share knowledge, benefiting both professionals and pet owners alike, and making DVMs the true voice of veterinary medicine online. This depends on the active participation and enthusiasm of our partner DVMs. We're excited to continue expanding our content offerings in 2024 to deliver the highest quality pet care information on a nationwide scale.

But our commitment to DVMs won't just stop at content; next year, we'll continue to share our knowledge and coach practice owners at veterinary industry events around the country – like our own WVC Veterinary Practice Ownership Symposium. We also have a number of other exciting partnerships that will enhance our impact on the veterinary industry, which we'll be sharing in the coming months.

Focusing on Innovation and Practice Owner Needs

We constantly ask the question: "What do practice owners and vets actually need and want?" This is what guides our new features and enhancements.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be an invaluable asset this year, allowing us to streamline and automate smaller tasks for both our internal teams and our clients. This means we can focus our time, expertise, and strategic brains on what will make the biggest impact for you, and your team will be able to focus on what matters most – exceptional care and customer service. We have new AI-driven features rolling out in 2024 that will enhance our content creation system, call monitoring, and more.

Supporting a Multi-Lingual Community

We’re excited to be rolling out full support for multi-lingual websites in early 2024. While many websites offer a simple “Google Translate” widget, this does not provide a great user experience and is often poorly translated. Google Translate also does nothing to help your site rank for keywords in other languages, many of which are attracting thousands of web searches. Our native support for multiple languages gives each translated page its own web page address, helping Google (and your clients) find that content. This is a great opportunity for practices in regions with multiple languages to show your support of your community while attracting more new clients and staff!

Enhancing the GeniusVets.com Experience

Early next year, we'll be launching the new and improved GeniusVets.com. We’ve created a more streamlined user experience for pet owners that directs them to our ecosystem of practices. I'm thrilled with what our team has come up with, and I'm confident that it will help practices tap into new client markets, get quality leads, and grow their website traffic.

Early next year, we'll be launching the new and improved GeniusVets.com.

A New Book by Dr. Michele Drake

Dr. Michele Drake, the visionary behind The Drake Center for Veterinary Care and co-founder of GeniusVets, has been a prominent thought leader in the veterinary community for years. In 2024, I'm excited to announce the release of her first-ever book. She'll be sharing her struggles and successes as a practice owner, as well as the ten most important lessons she's learned for not only providing exceptional care but also running a thriving business with an amazing culture.

Sharing Our Gratitude Every Step of the Way

To our clients, I extend my deepest gratitude. Thank you for entrusting your practice's success and growth to our team. Whether you've let us lead the charge on website development, PPC advertising, or SEO and content creation, your trust has been vital to our success. If there's anything our team can do to better serve you and your practice, let us know! Together, we can make 2024 your best year yet.

To the greater veterinary community, I sincerely hope the resources and educational materials we create and share have been beneficial and have empowered you to make the best decisions for your practice.

As we look forward to a new year, let's all continue this journey toward practice growth and exceptional animal care with the same humility and collaborative spirit that defines us.

May your holidays be filled with joy, warmth, and the company of those you hold dear.

Warm Wishes & Cheers to a Prosperous 2024,

Harley Orion

GeniusVets CEO